In his teens, Pete began performing with his brother Syd as “The Kitchen Brothers”.
His musical collaboration with Syd lasted seven years during which time they wrote and performed some of the finest, contemporary songs of their generation and performing their unique blend of acoustic folk music.


They appeared at music festivals across South Africa (Free People’s concerts at Wits University, Four Winds Folk Club, the Blue Fox in Rosebank, Johannesburg as well as the NaFMA festivals in Durban every year from 1972 through to 1976), and they were interviewed and recorded by the SABC’s World Service for broadcast to North America, Japan, Europe and North Africa.
During this seven year collaboration, Pete developed into a skilled fingerstyle guitarist, lyricist and harmonist – he and Syd were hailed as Durban’s answer to the English folk group, Magna Carta as well as the Incredible String Band.
By the late ’70s, Kitchen Brothers had turned the page of a very productive chapter in their musical journey of discovery; Syd moved on to form several groups with each producing its own distinct sound while Pete focussed on his growing family and career – pretty much dropping off the acoustic music scene for more than 30 years.

2012 saw Pete return to his homeland of South Africa after 11 years living in the UK, and begin gigging again, rekindling old music connections and memories.
Although Pete writes and performs his own music extensively, covers of Dylan, Cohen, CSNY, Buffy St Marie, Donovan et al are not off the play list.

Pete and his wife of more than 40 years currently live in Boksburg, South Africa.